The mean income gap between white males and black females grows during the democratic presidencies

Two days ago, we compared the mean income evolution of the white and black population and demonstrated that the difference did not change much since the 1980s. Finer details might be more graphic and Figure 1 shows that the mean income of white males is now 1.72 times larger than the man income of black females. In 2019, the black males earned 1.21 times more than black females.  The relative values are important and demonstrate some convergence between various population groups but they are partially misleading since the absolute difference in mean income might be more painful. Moreover, the absolute difference may reveal important details which are ironed out in the relative representation.

In Figure 2, the difference between the real mean incomes of the white males and black females is shown. One can see that the difference was growing between the 1950s and 1070s and reached its peak in ($30,599) in 1973. It has been oscillating between $28,000 and $25,000 ever since. It is interesting that since the 1980s the difference grows during the democratic presidency and falls during the republican one. Having President Biden representing Democratic Party, one can guess that the absolute gap between white males and black women will be growing in the years to come. During the Trump period, the difference did not move much. 

Figure 3 shows that the difference between the white and black population mean income was stable between the late 1980s and the mid-2010s. During the Trump period, the mean income of white females surged, and the overall difference increased from $11,312 in 2016 to $13,244 in 2018. 

 Figure 1. The ratio of white male/ black female and black male/black female mean incomes


Figure 2. The difference between white male and black female mean income

Figure 3. The difference between the white and black  population mean income

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