Destructing effect of modern western democracy

Currently, we observe the ultimate effect of western  democracy, when politicians are allowed to compete for political power on a free market with any set of PR tools used against voters. There is no problem, which is not touched by politician  if it can give extra votes. That makes each and every voter to decide which side s/he is thousands of times. This process effectively destructs the raw flesh of society - every person is disjointed from all others by attitude to one or many problems.  The society looses the universal positive perspectives of  future -  it is atomized to the level when only negative reaction matters, like protests or flesh mobs. Democracy is not about common values any more - its is about my own values.

I guess that western democracy has come to dead end. There is no possibility to split people in smaller pieces. And any concept  joining  people will lose on the free electoral  market before the society destruction will come to the level  historical examples like in Italy, Spain, and Germany. In western countries, people are so disordered and confused that many of them trust even Russian propaganda. 

The mean income gap between white males and black females grows during the democratic presidencies

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