Trump is brave. This is beyond everything for the next POTUS

when considering numerous aspects of the Trump assassination attempt I would stress the issue missed by the media. Personally, Trump is a really brave man. Obviously, he has military background but personal qualities are above training


The secret of the Russian economic growth after 2022

Since 2022, the Russian economy has been growing along the recovery path after the years of the overall industrial degradation. All conditions were ready for this growth: energy/materials/mineral resources, industrial facilities, and human capital. The industrial development was not profitabale in the beginning of the 21st century in the sence of global economic division and becasue of political decisions. The influence of business on national-level economic decisions evaporated and the definition of "profit" changed. now we observe the growth path as in the late 1990s early 2000s when the Russian economy grew extremely fast after an approximately 40% decline in the real GDP (see my SSRN paper). This recovery may last (with some deceleration) a few years and then it has to return to the self-driven path of approximately 3% per year. 


Boeing Starliner is an imminent risk for the ISS

The start of Starliner from the ISS  is postponed to June 26. The problem is not identified. This is an awful message. Someone sends a dangerous object into space. Columbia and Challenger likely did not make  enough dead crew members. The risk assessment was not adapted to the US low level of technical skills. The danger to the ISS is not clear as the problem is not identified, but the risk level is not adequate to the potential benefits of the commertial usage of poor prepared space vehichles from the company known by low technical control. 


Yemen in Red Sea

In 1999, Jamie Shea - NATO secretary, put forward a genial phrase on the NATO bombing of civilian objects in Yugoslavia: "Miloshevich can always surrender to stop it". It occured to be a universal formula. Now one can say: the shipping companies can surrender, Israel can surrender, NATO can surrender, the US can always surrender to stop these attacks. Baerbock from Germany once said that Russia commits war crimes when bombing power stations openly admitting that NATO commited war crimes in Yugoslavia. She never said it again. So, it's not a war crime to attack civilian constructions as ships etc. NATO and Israel can always surrender.


Boeing Starliner will bring you to a star. Follow Space Shittle?

 Starliner made by Boeing is out of order. The ISS is in danger due to multiple problems created by Boeing. It seems Starliner may go the way of Columbia and Challenger. The Space Shuttle program of the US was a technical and PR disaster - 2 from around 100 missions failed with 14 innocent human beings died in agony.