Надо ввести адвокатов от обеих футбольных команд в обсуждение сложных моментов ВАР

 С пяти лет болею за одну московскую футбольную команду. Футбол начали активно показывать по ТВ незадолго до начало моего страстного увлечения. Судейство всегда вызывало множество вопросов, вспомним хотя бы великолепный негол Тофика Бахрамова в финале ЧМ 1966. но любительский статус придавал ошибкам скорее эмоциональный характер. Теперь футбол не только большой бизнес, но и работа для большого количества людей. От результата  матча зависят судьбы игроков, тренеров и других членов команд, а также их семей. Страдает и бизнес владельцев команд. 

При этом футбол живет по правилам, применение которых невозможно обжаловать. Все неправильные решения принимают люди, судьи, которые руководствуются субъективными оценками. Человек неидеален, поэтому субъективные оценки часто очень похожи на непоследовательность в применении одних и тех же правил. А это на простом человеческом языке называются ошибками. В реальной жизни, где люди взаимодействуют между собой и зачастую вступают конфликты, давно выработаны механизмы разрешения споров. Принятие справедливого решения при разрешении конфликтов очень трудный процесс, в котором истцы, а это обычные люди, и даже технические эксперты, лишь небольшая и не самая главная часть. Для профессионального представления позиций сторон в спорах  используются адвокаты. Их задача представить техническую или эмоциональную проблему, лежащую в основе спора, в виде логической последовательности системного употребления законов и правил. 

Футбол это спорт и бизнес. В бизнесе невозможно обойтись без людей, которые уберегут от принятия незаконных и ошибочных решений, приводящих к искажению спортивных результатов, человеческим переживаниям, потере уважения болельщиков, а иногда и работы, а также к экономическим потерям отдельных команд и футбола в целом. 

Надо ввести адвокатов от обеих футбольных команд в обсуждение сложных моментов ВАР, Это не чисто технический, а юридический процесс, Такое решение позволит избежать субъективных оценок действий футболистов. Использование адвокатов особенно важно в условиях расширения толкования футбольных правил, в которых, видимо, плохо разбираются не только болельщики и игроки, но и сами судьи. 


Ha-ha-ha : nobel prize in literature

Currently, I reside in Vienna, Austria. German is the language everybody speaks around, except thousands of tourists. I have to learn some German for everyday usage. Young people all know English, but sometimes knowledge of the local language is crucial.  German is the language of great literature and Austria has tremendous input; my favorite writers are Zweig and Kafka. Electronic books is the simplest choice to get texts in seconds and I have quite a few books in German. But, I like paper books for the other extraordinary feelings they give to my generation.  With a worldwide shrinking book-store network, the opportunity to meet some new shops is not often. By chance, I found a small shop in the 8th district and looked for some new edition of paper books by my favorite authors. Suddenly, I recalled that Austria can now be proud of a new Noble Prize laureate in literature, which I had not read before. The chance to learn some new author was obvious, but I forgot the name of the laureate and asked the manager. After a few moments of recalling, the name of Elfriede Jelinek came to the surface. My request to show the shelves with high-quality literature written by this famous author met some hesitation. Finally, the manager found one small paper-cover book in the far corner of the shop. 

I am not an expert in literature, just an irregular and lazy reader, and definitely prefer Dostoevsky in Russian to anything else. I was shocked by this disrespect to the author, however. The second thought was - the Nobel Prize Committee for Literature might put the author in this shameful position. 


Some thoughts on my choice in the next elections

 When discussing elections in the past I was interested in a few questions:

1. Why do people listen to top sportsmen? They are usually less educated (prerequisite of rational thinking) than the average voter and highly biased because of mercantile interest is getting top income. 

2. Why do people listen to actors? These human beings are puppets (not puppies) by professions and nobody can distinguish between their own thoughts and emotions (if any) and their roles.  

3. Why do people listen to pop-signers? 

Now I have an additional question. Why people listen to bloggers? Nobody should trust my posts and consider than as a source of valuable information. 

As a physicist, I am rather a conservative person with most of the methods and approaches from my University time and results positioned in the broader and well-established environment of experiments and theories. I cannot say that some poor theory or experiment deserves to be praised for the sake of liberal values.  The same is with the discussion between conservatives and liberals. It is difficult to discuss values that are under permanent change. How can conservatives know that the current statements of liberals will not change the next day? As a matter of fact, sportsmen, actors, and pop-singers are rather liberals. I cannot trust people who almost surely change their minds tomorrow.  


33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French)

French people always wanted to kill Russians. Nothing changes from Napoleon's time. They joined the Nazi and likely France does not deserve to be in the UN Security Council. The SS DIvision Charlemagne was larger than the Resistance. Here is a citation from Wiki:

The Waffen Grenadier Brigade of the SS Charlemagne (German: Waffen-Grenadier-Brigade der SS "Charlemagne") was a unit of the Waffen-SS formed in September 1944 from French collaborationists many of whom were already serving in various other German units. Named after the 9th-century Frankish king, it superseded the existing Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism formed in 1941 within the German Army (Wehrmacht) and the SS-Volunteer Sturmbrigade France (SS-Friwilligen Sturmbrigade Frankriech) formed in July 1943, both of which were disbanded the same month. It also drafted in French recruits from other German military and paramilitary formations and Miliciens who had fled ahead of the Allied Liberation of France (June–November 1944).

After training, the Charlemagne Brigade was reclassified as a division as the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French) (33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS "Charlemagne" (französische Nr. 1)). It had 7,340 men at the time of its deployment to the Eastern Front in February 1945. It fought against Soviet forces in Pomerania where it was almost annihilated during the East Pomeranian Offensive within a month. Around 300 members of the unit participated in the Battle in Berlin in April–May 1945 and were among the last Axis forces to surrender.



 Russia and USA are two by far the biggest nuclear weapon powers and their future is highly merged (as in the title of this post) to define the future of mankind. So, the stability of this duet is important for all of us. US presidential elections may create catastrophic turbulence and increase the probability of major nuclear war in case the US power will be not well defined. This might happen if the outcome of the elections is not accepted by the losing party. 

1. most dangerous is the case when Trump loses and does not recognize the loss. 

2. if Biden loses and does not accept the loss - the major control is safe for some time but the vacuum of power may increase dramatically

3. If Trump wins and Biden accepts or vice versa the overall stability may be retained for some time. But the battle may not end worldwide.


Principal idea of capitalism: the people only work because and so long as they are poor

This is an excerpt from "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism"  by Max Weber

Another obvious possibility, to return to our example, since the appeal to the acquisitive instinct through higher wage-rates failed, would have been to try the opposite policy, to force the worker by reduction of his wage-rates to work harder to earn the same amount than he did before. Low wages and high profits seem even to-day to a superficial observer to stand in correlation; everything which is paid out in wages seems to involve a corresponding reduction of profits. That road capitalism has taken again and again since its beginning. For centuries it was an article of faith, that low wages were productive, i.e. that they increased the material results of labour so that, as Pieter de la Cour, on this point, as we shall see, quite in the spirit of the old Calvinism, said long ago, the people only work because and so long as they are poor


Winter Olympics must be prohibited

Winter Olympic Games is the most prominent example of global racial segregation and inequality. Formally, all countries have full right to participate but white population has extraordinary advantage of snow in winters. Men and women of colour look like and presented by TV as funny and incompetent amateurs in the worst traditions of the human zoos. Winter Olympic Games is the  shame of the civilized world. 

Надо ввести адвокатов от обеих футбольных команд в обсуждение сложных моментов ВАР

 С пяти лет болею за одну московскую футбольную команду. Футбол начали активно показывать по ТВ незадолго до начало моего страстного увлечен...