EU bureaucracy failed in the 2020 crisis

In this blog, a thorough economic study was presented which showed that France and Italy lost their economic and financial power after the start of the Monetary Union. Several individual cases were combined in an academic paper.    Le Figaro article "«La crise du Covid ou le début de la fin de l’Union européenne?» stated a new problem - the EU failed in vaccination crisis. The UE has no responsibility for people as such. The Le'Figaro article suggests Frexit as a solution to the problem. i.e. the same solution as I proposed considering poor economic performance within the  EU monetary system

Actually, the EU bureaucracy is not responsible for anything, and its operational speed corresponds to the absence of responsibility for real life. This is a very strong argument in favor of effective management - psychopaths without empathy are always most effective in capital management. However, COVID19 is not about effectiveness. It is about human lives, the EU failed. Recently, Austrian Bundekanzler Kurz claimed that vaccine distribution in the EU was not proportional and secret agreements between the EU medicine authorities and some (not openly named) countries led to preferences in human life protection. I was very optimistic about the EU's future a year ago and now I am disappointed. 

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