Modern professional sport is an ultimate expression of gender and race segregation

I had a post on the Winter Olympics as an example of hostile racial segregation. The winners of the Olympics have the same fame and honor as the winners of the (summer) Olympic Games. They almost all belong to one race and this predominance cannot be resolved - no natural snow and ice for the majority of UN countries. This segregation is based on historical prejudice.  It is even more outrageous because modern sport is professional and the absence of equal conditions is the worst expression of all kinds of inequality, including economic. 

Another example of professional segregation is the gender split in all major competitions. I have passed a few programs and exams on gender equality which definitely proved that the professional quality of males and females as well as of people of all races and sexual orientations is at least equal. As mentioned above - modern sport is a paid professional activity and thus there should be no gender/race segregation in sport. I have written a few papers on gender and racial income inequality in the USA and UK (e.g. 1, 2, 3)  which has to eliminated by all means. Income inequality in sports is based on one principle - competitions are split into two gender groups. 

Our duty is to fight against gender and racial segregation in sport. All sportspersons have a natural right to compete in equal conditions - no gender segregation. 

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