Putin proves that the Duma elections were falsified

We wrote several posts of the falsification of the State Duma elections in December 2011. The main argument was statistical. For a fair voting process with choices driven by a multitude of factors, e.g. age, income, sex, social status, place of birth and residency, etc., one can expect a normal distribution of shares of votes in favor of a given candidate over polling stations. The statistical background was the Central Limit Theorem, CLT. All parties did follow this rule and demonstrated Gaussian distribution. Except United Russia. This was the argument in favor of falsification which can also call a controlled choice.  

Our opponents defended their position by the argument that the CLT does not and should not work for elections. And the Duma elections were fair and right. 

The movement for fair elections and opposition as a whole has done a lot to make the presidential election fair. Half a million people have been sent as observers to polling stations. Putin has added his twenty cents and … voila. The presidential election was fairer. The overall distribution of votes for Putin is much closer to normal now (thanks Maxim Pshenichnikov).  The great effort was in Moscow, which has demonstrated a textbook Gaussian.   

Hence, the central limit theorem and normal distribution do work where the voting process was fair and well controlled. As expected.  

Now we can conclude and demand. The results of the presidential election proves that the Duma elections were falsified by approximately 15,000,000 votes. If Putin is the President of the Russian Federation, we have inherent rights for Duma re-elections in a year. Putin has proved the Duma elections were a fraud.   

We do not consider the election campaign to be a fair one. The candidates were not given equivalent possibilities: TV, newspapers, administrative pressure, etc. were all given to Putin.    

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