Putin has likely got around 55%

Putin has won. Some preliminary (and statistically sound) results show that he has got around 55%. Max Pshenichnikov has promptly provided an intermediate version of the percentage of polling stations as a function of the share for Putin. It seems peaked at 55% with a much lower high-vote tail than  United Russia had in December 2011. This time the election procedure was cleaner, but the election compain was not fair. Apparently, the latter is my personal judgement.

P.S. Statistics has shown its key role in the assessment of social processes. The lower level of falcification during the presidential elections confirms the high level of falcifications during the Duma elections. When two curves from the Max's post are compared, one can judge that the fight against dirty tricks has helped a lot. At the same time, these tricks were undoubtedly in play in December 2011.
Also, the Central Limit Theorem works and the absolutely fair election procedures (not election compains) can be verified.

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