Real GDP in US - mediocre growth /slow down. As in the next ten years.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that real GDP in the USA has been growing at almost the same rate since 2010 - around 2.2 % per year. In 2014, the rate of growth was 2.4% per year slightly above the 2013 value of 2.2% per year. Figure 1 illustrates the history (recession in 2008 and 2009). By all means this is a mediocre growth rate. It's even worse when real GDP per capita is considered - the growth in 2014 was  smaller than that in 2013 - 1.8% vs 2.4% per year, respectively. The economy is slowing down. Some optimists expected healthy growth.  Not in the next ten years.

Figure. Real GDP growth rate % per year


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