VOX's opened a debate: What’s the use of economics?

VOX has opened a new discussion "What’s the use of economics?"  moderated by Richard Baldwin.

It would be helpful to have opinions from professionals from the hard sciences. We know about the overall opinion of the economic profession - the role of economics has dramatically increased after the crisis [:)]. We  know the opinion of the general public - "failed once again".  But only the approach adopted in the hard sciences can reshape economics in a way appropriate for the safe usage by the society. Currently, economics is irrelevant what makes it agressive and dangerous for the ustainability of the economy and society. It is time to put the economic studies in the  bounds of quantiative responsibility. Otherwise, it will fail again and again ...

This is the announcement and invitation to participate the discussion

Economics is under fire both from outside and inside the profession for irrelevance, arrogance, and more. This new Vox debate focuses on two questions: What’s the use of economics? How should we be teaching it to the next generation?

To participate in this debate, please email your commentary to debates@voxeu.org

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Diane Coyle, 18 September 2012
What’s the use of economics? A new Vox debate

Andrew G Haldane, 28 September 2012

What have the economists ever done for us?

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