Society for the Study of Economic Inequality: working papers

Top 25 Working Papers by Total File Downloads

1 The effects of Fair Trade on marginalised producers: an impact analysis on Kenyan farmers

Leonardo Becchetti and Marco Costantino

2 GDP growth rate and population

Ivan O. Kitov

3 Poverty among minorities in the United States: Explaining the racial poverty gap for Blacks and Latinos

Carlos Gradín

4 Inflation, unemployment, labor force change in the USA

Ivan O. Kitov

5 Microsimulation as a Tool for Evaluating Redistribution Policies

François J. Bourguignon and Amedeo Spadaro

6 Theil, Inequality Indices and Decomposition

Frank Alan Cowell

7 Inequality of opportunities vs. inequality of outcomes: Are Western societies all alike?

Arnaud Lefranc, Nicolas Pistolesi and Alain Trannoy

8 The effects of inequality on growth: a survey of the theoretical and empirical literature

Christophe Ehrhart

9 The measurement of gender wage discrimination: The distributional approach revisited

Coral del Rio Otero, Carlos Gradín and Olga Cantó

10 A model for microeconomic and macroeconomic development

Ivan O. Kitov

11 Evolution of the personal income distribution in the USA: High incomes

Ivan O. Kitov

12 Modelling the overall personal income distribution in the USA from 1994 to 2002

Ivan O. Kitov

13 On analysing the world distribution of income

Anthony B. Atkinson and Andrea Brandolini

14 Modeling the evolution of Gini coefficient for personal incomes in the USA between 1947 and 2005

Ivan O. Kitov

15 All types of inequality are not created equal: divergent impacts of inequality on economic growth

Stephanie Seguino

16 The demand for socially responsible products: empirical evidence from a pilot study on fair trade consumers

Leonardo Becchetti and Furio Camillo Rosati

17 Poverty and Time

Walter Bossert, Satya R. Chakravarty and D’Ambrosio, Conchita (Conchita D'Ambrosio)

18 The Household Wealth Distribution in Spain: The Role of Housing and Financial Wealth

Francisco Azpitarte

19 Reconsidering the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis: the trade off between environment and welfare

Nicola Cantore

20 Recent trends in income inequality in Latin America

Leonardo C. Gasparini, Guillermo Cruces and Leopoldo Tornarolli

21 Measuring Bipolarization, Inequality, Welfare and Poverty

Juan Gabriel Rodríguez

22 Modelling the age-dependent personal income distribution in the USA

Ivan O. Kitov

23 Multidimensional Poverty Measures from an Information Theory Perspective

Maria Ana Lugo and Esfandiar Maasoumi

23 Inequality Decompositions ?A Reconciliation

Frank Alan Cowell and Carlo Vittorio Fiorio

25 Changes in poverty and the stability of income distribution in Argentina: evidence from the 1990s via decompositions

Florencia Lopez Boo

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