ConocoPhillips’ share price model revisited

Following my recent post on energy related companies and specifically on ConocoPhillips I have compiled a paper revisiting all COP models. Please follow the link to download the full text.

Three years ago we found a statistically reliable link between ConocoPhillips’ (NYSE: COP) stock price and the difference between the core and headline CPI in the United States. In this article, the original relationship is revisited with new data available since 2009. The agreement between the observed monthly closing price (adjusted for dividends and splits) and that predicted from the CPI difference is confirmed. The original quantitative link is validated. In order to improve the accuracy of the COP price prediction a series of advanced models is developed. The original set of two major CPIs is extended by smaller components of the headline CPIs (e.g. the CPIs of motor fuel and housing energy) and several PPIs (e.g. the PPIs of crude oil and coal) which may be inherently related to ConocoPhillips and other energy companies. These advanced models have demonstrated much lower modeling errors with better statistical properties. The earlier reported quasi-linear trend in the CPI difference is also revisited. This trend allows for an accurate prediction of the COP prices at a five to ten year horizon.
Key words: stock price, ConocoPhillips, predicti

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