Bourgeois revolution in Russia

All current  problems and issues will be solved gradually, or revolutionary, as a standard bourgeois revolution begins. As always,  there is the question of property  protection. Much of the current private property, which has been obtained and is still distributed by clearly illegitimate means, is under "krysha" (semi-criminal protection) of the whole system of government from presidential power to the courts. This practically illegal (albeit large) pieces of property (mostly related to various forms of corruption) needs the state for illegal protection, which naturally includes the elected parliament. Words about the defense of the motherland and the unity of Russia can be understood as a signal "not surrender its"

But there are more and more people with the legally acquired property from good education and an expensive apartment to honest business. Their rights are not protected effectively by the current executive power, legislature and judiciary. There is only one legitimate way to change the system for the honest owners - to become the chosen representative, as the executive and judicial parts just co-opt people on the basis of the commitment to the illegal property. The 2011 electoral fraud has specifically affected these legal owners and instilled in them the deepest anxiety for the future and anger at almost all the authorities. I think the actual number of people supporting demonstrations is counted in millions.
(A good education is also a valuable property when the job market does not work properly.) It should be noted that the opposition is of no interests for the owners  as well as the power itself.
All we want to achieve is the essence of the transition to the right protection of property. The 2011 Duma elections have shown that the power does not accept and will actively oppose any change.  I do not think that the massive protest was just an emotional reaction to the fraud. It was the actual understanding that the current power neglects our basic rights as citizens and property owners (in the broadest sense).  Hence the protest will be a long-term one. The most fundamental problem is not resolved. The protest is expressed with the introduction of elements of revolution. We have to solve the main issue, constituting the essence of everyone’s interests - the protection of all kind of legal property, including the intellectual one. Therefore, the opposition will only grow in number and get more and more implacable as the price of the property grows. The protesters are mainly young people who owe nothing to the state as such. All they have is the result of their own efforts. In contrast to the older generation they do not understand why they have to endure oppression of power. It gave them nothing.
Thus, we have standard problems resolved by bourgeois revolutions.

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