On the healthy growth in employment

After the employment  report for June, a number of bloggers (e.g. Mark Thoma and David Leonhardt ) suggested that a healthy monthly  increment in employment would be between 100,000 and 150,000. I have addressed this issue in my previous post as  well. The current employment/population ratio is aproximately 58%. One should notice that only people of 16 years of age and over are counted in.
On avearge, this civilian population has been growing since January 2010 by 143,00 per month. With the rate of 0.58 one would expect 83,000 per month. Actually, the increment since January 2010 is 76,000 per month . This estimate is from household employment data, i.e. the same source as for the civilian population.  The difference of 6,000 can not be considered as a dramatic one.

A responsible commenter should check actual data.

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