Journal of Applied Economic Sciences. Fall 2010

JAES 3(13). / Fall 2010

Mongi ARFAOUI, Ezzeddine ABAOUB. On the Determinants of International Financial Integration  in The Global Business Area …153

Melita CHARITOU, Petros LOIS, Adamos VLITTIS, Do Capital Markets Value Earnings and Cash Flows Alike?  International Empirical Evidence … 173

Madalina CONSTANTINESCU, Laura UNGUREANU, Laura STEFANESCU. Portfolio Optimal Choice under Volatility and Price Risk Impact  Applied to Derivative Transactions … 184

Georg ERBER, The Problem of Money Illusion in Economics … 196

Marco FIORAMANTI, Estimation and Decomposition of Total Factor Productivity Growth in the EU Manufacturing Sector: A Long Run Perspective … 217

George E. HALKOS, Marianna K. TRIGONI, Financial and Real Sector Interactions: The Case of Greece … 231

Cosmin FRATOSTITEANU, Guidelines for Promoting Science, Technology and Technical–Scientific Creativity, By Analyzing the Companies’ Performances, in the Context of the Globalized Economy …247

Drama Bedi Guy HERVE, Yao SHEN, Management of Stock Price and its Effect on Economic Growth:  Case Study of West African Financial Markets … 258

Bernard LANDAIS, The Monetary Origins of the Economic and Financial Crisis … 280

Piotr MISZTAL, Public Debt and Economic Growth in the European Union …292

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