Russian language

Russian was a popular language a century ago. All in all, it was due to great writers and revolutionary movements. Now it loses its popularity worldwide. The reason is obvious - there is nothing interesting Russia can offer to the broader international community. No intellectual breakthrough or/and social process of importance for people as a solution to their own problems.
So, the portion of the world's population speaking or understanding Russian decreases over time. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union - at a dramatically high rate. The question is : What to do?
There are two points of potential improvement. We need to make ourselves to be interested in ... ourselves focusing on the fact that, with all these external changes, we retain the core of our souls, which was inherited from the generations before us. At the same time, the transition to the new social construction allowed us to aquire in a very short time what other nations have been accruing during the past century. As a benefit, we could avoid all mistakes already made.
Such an analysis would be instructive for everybidy.

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