Blog lost: Inflation in the USA. Successor blog: Economics as Classical Mechanics

By mistake, I have removed my two-year-old blog “Inflation in the USA” with about 200 posts. I can not completely recover it. Therefore, this new blog is the successor, and inherits the best posts. I'll keep presenting new results on the evolution of real GDP, productivity, labor force participation, inflation, and unemployment world-wide. The prediction of S&P 500 returns is my major topic as well.
As of now, I will also pay more attention to the presentation of my book on economics with a tentative title ”Economics as Classical Mechanics” or “Mechanomics”. I’ll publish paragraphs and chapters, when ready. As one may see, the title of this blog is relevant to this task.
The purpose of this blog and the book is to present quantiative arguments supporting the predictability of economic evolution as expressed in the macro-variables listed above. Economics is a hard science in terms of the existence of robust links between major measured macroeconomic variabels. It this sense, economics is equivalent to the classical mechanics.
At the same time, I am highly interested in applied research like share and commodity pricing.
Eventually, any post in this blog adds to a working paper or article. So, this blog is a notebook of quantitative research.

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