Trump - a peaceful path to a more balanced world

Some commentators say that Trump puts an end of global order.  Not getting into  details of a number of wars, global terrorism and tension between West and East, I would guess that the " global order"  was not about peace and dignity but just an opinion of a few people, who ignored, as we know now, views of various majorities. Trump is not their candidate because he directly expresses what the majority dreams. The division of nations, alliances, and the whole world roots in ignoring and ignorance. Trump gives us a hope that the world can regain the overall balance, where all people and countries have individuality and voices (people are not deplorable). Thanks, American people. 
I would propose to nominate  Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. Stability may come back, but the dark forces are still dangerous and aggressive.

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  1. > "I would propose to nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize."

    Let's look what he'll do in fact for 'peace'...